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Monday, April 19, 2010

"If your not in the audience tonight, something is wrong with you."

If I ever groove half this hard I will be the happiest person alive. Levon Helm is still rocking, and his new album "Electric Dirt" proves it. Here's a video of he and his band on Letterman playing the Grateful Dead tune "Tennessee Jed."The best part of the video is how hyped and humbled David Letterman is to have Levon Helm on his show- I've never seen him so excited about a musical guest period. Levon Helm is quite possibly the most musical drummer of all time, paired with his daughter on mandolin and backing vocals, killin piano, his badass producer on a mean slide guitar and of course his famous New Orleans horns. This is incredible,
Appreciate talent like this because in fifty years when computers really take over, and our moves, love and music are purely mechanical; mystic bards in the shrinking areas of underpopulation are going to tell stories of a time when things were made of feelings. Music like this is going to be their greatest example


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