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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hey Guys!

I thought you might want to check this special promotion I'm running from my facebook page. You certainly don't have to be on facebook to get on board. here are the steps below to pay for my new album AND receive two other works of mine for FREE.
Who doesn't like new music?

If you're on face book go here- if not, disregard the first step.
1. take five minutes and invite all your facebook friends to this event- everyone likes free music, and if they don't they don't have to join!
2. Buy my new record "The Blanket Wanderer" on Itunes here
3. Write a quick review about it on itunes.
4. Send an email to titled "The Blanket Wanderer"
5. I send you my first EP. "You Don't Have to be Scared" and the Wyldlife EP "Nicotine" for free.
That's it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I've been a terrible blogger folks, I know it. But I can attest most of my absence from being so busy over the past few months. My New Record titled "The Blanket Wanderer" is out TODAY, you can download it from ITunes for a very reasonable price, please check it out and if you like the tunes please buy it. So much work has gone into the making of this record and we're trying to get it into as many hands as possible. You can help by spreading the word to all of your friends and family.

Thank you and enjoy the music, future, more timely posting on my end.

Russ Barrnett & The Mission Bells

Get "The Blanket Wanderer" off from Itunes here:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heat Seeker

This is a video of a song I recorded my freshman year. It was directed and filmed by the wonderful Sam Bennett at Suny Purchase. The song is about relationships that go awry, and all the terrible things that come from their demise. It was a favorite on my first EP "You Don't Have to be Scared" I'm not saying anything, but this might not be the last time you hear from this tune!...

Monday, April 19, 2010

"If your not in the audience tonight, something is wrong with you."

If I ever groove half this hard I will be the happiest person alive. Levon Helm is still rocking, and his new album "Electric Dirt" proves it. Here's a video of he and his band on Letterman playing the Grateful Dead tune "Tennessee Jed."The best part of the video is how hyped and humbled David Letterman is to have Levon Helm on his show- I've never seen him so excited about a musical guest period. Levon Helm is quite possibly the most musical drummer of all time, paired with his daughter on mandolin and backing vocals, killin piano, his badass producer on a mean slide guitar and of course his famous New Orleans horns. This is incredible,
Appreciate talent like this because in fifty years when computers really take over, and our moves, love and music are purely mechanical; mystic bards in the shrinking areas of underpopulation are going to tell stories of a time when things were made of feelings. Music like this is going to be their greatest example

Friday, April 9, 2010

Get Me Kickstarted!

Well folks, the recording for my record is done, and now I need your help! I'm looking to raise $1,000 for the pressing and distribution of the record. Any contribution you can make is a crucial one. You can help me by spreading the word too! Fellow bloggers, tweeters and facebook gurus, heed the call and make my dream come true!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Best Matchup Ever

This video was shown to me by my friend Pat a couple months ago. I wanted to do a post on it but had forgotten until now. From the band Arcade Fire, the song is "My body is a cage" which is the last track on their album Neon Bible. I had loved the song and the entire album before I saw this video- this just adds another amazing element to it. I'm not sure of the name of the original movie- someone give me a shout out if you know what film these clips are taken from! If you don't listen to Arcade Fire, maybe now you will, I sure hope so.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Sneak Peak!

Here's a video of me doing a tune from my upcoming album! This is from a long time ago, one late night when I was a guest on my friend Sam Schacter's radio show. The video quality is not that great but I thought it would be cool to show some of whats to come. The tune on my album will sound much different but the general progression and lyrics are the same- the rest you'll just have to wait and find out about for yourself...

here's the lyrics to "Iodine"

you had a lot of faith
but you're walking away from it
your city's big
I never got used to it
you're a China doll
in a sea full of mines and blunt objects
you're a wishing wall
laziest days full of unfinished projects

all we know, on our feet
it hurts our feet when we walk away
and if things don't change we'll be walking away again

at the sink
wash the worlds dishes you swallow your pride
its unsettling
you might have lived cause somebody died
if you give it up
nothing more than a shadow tucked under a light
you're a ticking bomb
a mixture of chlorine and iodine

all we know, hands and knees
it hurts them please, don't crawl away
all we get is a look at days
mistakes we made and bread we wasted
and if things don't change we'll be crawling away again

all we know, on our backs
the books are stacked and slowly falling
all we get is the spit we make
don't tell me about breaks that will never happen
if things don't change we'll be running away, if things don't change we'll be running away and if things don't change we'll be running away from it.